Card petits fours and verrines

Our Card for Cocktails Aperitif & Cocktails

The salted

Dried duck breast & comté

Skewer of cherry tomato, mozzarella & basil

Melon kebab & Ham

Fresh fruit skewer

Macaron with foie gras

Rocamadour cream & hazelnut macaroon

Blinis & marinated salmon

Toast at the poppy & quail egg

Vol-au-vent with Roquefort & nuts

Cabbage with aubergine caviar & goat

Club sandwich with candied tomato

Shrimp wrap & cocktail sauce

Tartlet of grilled vegetables & sesame

Puff pastry with cheese pastries (0,70 € / each)

Mini quiche

Mini pizza


Verrine of saffron potatoes, gizzards & raspberry vinegar

Shrimp verrine, vegetable tartare & sesame

Crushed tomato verrine, mozzarella & pesto

Creamy verrine with salmon, lemon & basil

Sweet ones

Perfumes to choose from :

Honey & praline

Red fruits

Mint & Chocolate


Lemon & Basil

Milk chocolate & coconut

Cabbage cream vanilla whipped cream

Lemon meringue tartlet

Chocolate tartlet, honey & praline

Fresh fruit skewer

Red fruit verrine & creme brulee

 Fondant verrine with three chocolates

Pear verrine, caramel mousse & speculoos

Verrine of pana cotta with mango

Fountain of dark chocolate & its sweets

(Assortment of fresh fruits, cookies, sweets…)

Our workshops

Our hot & cold workshops

Salmon Gravlax

3,00 € per person

Salmon Dried Salmon & Cutting Workshop with spices,

accompanied by blinis & of lemon whipped cream & basil


3,50 € per person

Raw ham cutting workshop in front of your guests

Antipasto Workshop

2,00 € per person

Foccaccio bread served with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, black olives, marinated and grilled vegetables


2,00 € per person

Oyster workshop open in front of your guests,

with vinegar sauce, shallot & fresh lemon

Half-cooked duck foie gras

4,00 € per person

Cut foie gras workshop cooked in front of your guests.

Served with gingerbread, walnut bread & dried fig chutney


  • Skewer of cooked foie gras & gingerbread
  • Prawn & basil skewer
  • Duck breast skewer with Brive’s purple mustard
  • Grilled vegetable skewer

2,00 € per piece

  • Mini duck burger, Cantal & foie gras cream
  • Quail gigolette with parsley
  • Red mullet tartine, black olive & basil tapenade

3,00 € per piece

Our special offers

Formula at 13,90€

Assorted small savory dishes
7 / pers.

Antipasti & Cutting raw ham
cutting raw ham & antipasti atelier

Formula at 14.90€

Assorted small savory dishes

8 / pers.

Workshop plancha
3 / pers.

Skewer of prawns, skewer of duck breast, brochette of foie gras & gingerbread

Formula at 15.90€

Assorted small savory dishes

8 / pers.

Half-cooked Duck Foie Gras Workshop & salmon Gravlax

cut of duck foie gras half-cooked, accompanied by gingerbread & walnut bread
dried salmon cut, served with blinis & whipped cream with lemon & basil

Discover our drinks and cocktails

Our drinks menu

Alcoholic Cocktails

The Punch Planter (Per liter)

Fresh fruit juice and white rum

10,00 €

The Sangria (Per liter)

Red wine, Cognac and fresh fruit

10,00 €

Classic Champagne soup (Per litre)

Sparkling wine, Cointreau, cane sugar and lemon juice

11,00 €

Champenoise soup with raspberries (Per litre)

Sparkling wine, raspberry liqueur, raspberry syrup and fresh raspberry

12,00 €

Cocktails without alcohol

Tropic Mint (Per liter)

Pineapple, guava, mango and mint juice

7,00 €

Bananarama (Per liter)

Apricot juice, coconut milk and banana

7,00 €

The artisanal beer of Martel

Drum + shooter + gas

Artisanal Blonde Beer

Barrel of 30L

145,00 €

Artisanal Amber Beer

Barrel of 30L

145,00 €

Artisanal White Beer

Barrel of 30L

145,00 €

you only pay for what you consume